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Andy Anh Ha signs multi year deal with GreenBox Art and Culture.  With the addition of Andy, GreenBox’s sales have seen an increase in sales and production.  Boutiques across America have recently purchased Anh Ha prints from GreenBox to begin this transformation.  1,000’s of Andy Anh Ha’s prints are spread amongst your high end retail stores across the US.  For more info and ways to purchase, visit :

About GreenBox:

What is our GreenBox Culture?

It is our company’s aim to link today’s working artists and people seeking expression for their walls that will mirror their individuality, alter the room’s mood and perhaps provoke a conversation. Describing art isn’t easy, but if pressed we would choose the label of contemporary- the art in our collection is of today. Additionally, our diverse offering is versatile. If you have a traditional environment, one of our stretched canvases can bring an interesting, sometimes needed twist. If you prefer modern interiors, a GreenBox canvas brings the space to life with a shot of color and hand-crafted layers that will warm your walls. To see more of what we are talking about, review our stretched canvas collection.

In the larger sense, our culture is about made in the USA, giving back and creating a life-long love of artistic efforts. For more than a decade, we have been manufacturing our canvases in San Diego where we custom print each piece, build wood frames and hand-stretch. Since day one, we have given to US based charities that directly affect American families and this year we are pleased to be partnering with an organization that serves 4 million American kids.

And what’s actually in our Box? Three brands- Oopsy daisy, Fine Art For Kids, Wheatpaste Art Collective and GreenBox Art- and together these three lines provide appropriate and engaging art offerings for each stage of life. We hope that you and your family will enjoy shopping all of our brands to find art that speaks to where you are now!