• Across the Country

    Eric and Tami Brown West Bloomfield, Michigan

    We have two pieces of work from Andy, and, they are the highlight of our home. We met Andy at an Art Fair and love his use of color and contrast. We bought a piece at that Fair, and, then ‘commissioned’ a three panel, large piece for our Great Room. He was amazing. Even though we were across the country, we were able to put our ideas into his head! We couldn’t be happier.

  • Eloquent Body of Work

    Micah Stover Executive Coach, Freelance Writer Portland, OR

    The first time I saw Andy's art, I had just returned from living in Hong Kong for nearly 4 years. Instantly, I was drawn to it as I felt I'd never seen a better aesthetic representation of what it would look like to reflect ancient symbols of Chinese culture through a modern lens. Andy's work has a kind of hybrid dynamism to it, tugging at the viewer's sense of nostalgia while at the same time tapping into the shinier allure of progress and modernity. Beyond that, Andy's work simply makes me feel as though I brought some intangible aspect of Hong Kong home with me. When I look at his paintings I see: east and west, past and future, beauty and complexity. It's an eloquent body of work.

  • Exceded Expectations

    Diane Blumenthal La Jolla, California

    I met Andy through a friend when he was hanging some of his work in her home in Rancho Mirage. We discussed what I was looking for, and then Andy designed and created a custom work for me that exceeded all my expectations. My project is a group of paintings that consist of five large interconnected wooden panels that now proudly hang in my hallway. It took me ten years to find the perfect art for that space, and I'm just thrilled with what Andy created. Andy was a pleasure to work with and I found the pricing for this original work of art to be more than fair. Diane Blumenthal, La Jolla, California

  • Upbeat and Continually Inspired

    Karen Capp Co-Founder GreenBox, Wheatpaste, Oopsy Daisy San Diego, CA

    Andy’s work transforms a space bringing energy, color and a decidedly hip vibe. We chose three of his oversize panels for our corporate office’s lobby and receive many compliments on the artwork that sets our building’s tone. Additionally as an art reproduction house, we license Andy’s art and find him a pure pleasure to do business with. He is upbeat and continually inspired to put his passion into painting.

  • Understands Beauty

    Tomas Newsom and Eric Turic Owner Davinci West Hollywood, CA

    Andy is a great artist that understands beauty in the most simple way through color, the abstract or with the use of line drawings. This very simple and uncomplicated approach makes his work very place-able and pleasing to any eye. My only question is how in the world does he get that finish so PERFECT?! Thanks Andy, you are a pleasure to work with on any project!

  • Gallery

    Stu and Jayne Zehngut Owners L. A. Art Exchange Los Angeles, CA

    We have known Andy for 10 years and have sold his paintings in our gallery in Santa Monica over that period of time. He is the most popular of all the artists that we represent because of the styles, colors, and his extensive selection of images. We also commission his paintings for clients who have a special size constraint or need to match colors in their decor, and he produces with a smile on his face. Andy also takes time out from his busy production schedule to have seminars with our in house designers, which empowers them with a knowledge of his artwork and personal experiences that are fundamental in our sales processes. Aside from all that, Andy is a very cool guy and a pleasure to represent and we consider him part of our L.A. Art Exchange family.

  • Modern Zen

    Lyn and Steve Tesler, Southtown Freeway Toyota, Palm Springs, CA

    Andy Ahn Ha's creative vision has brought life and serenity to our living enviroment. We are the proud owner of six of Andy's works. We look forward with anticipation as to where Andy's creativity leads to next.

  • Our Andy Room

    Wendy and Mike C. Saskatoon, Sask. Canada

    We have the pleasure of owning four of Andy’s works in our Palm Springs vacation home. We actually bought our first painting before our home was even furnished as we loved it so much and it spoke to us. As we toured several art shows looking for complimentary pieces to this first piece we soon realized that we could not find any works which conveyed the same unique quality as Andy’s work. Andy was so accommodating in assisting us with pulling together the remaining three pieces to complete what we call our “Andy Room”. We are continually stuck by the beauty of these works and the sense of calm that we feel when we look at them. We are thrilled with having found this wonderful artist. We are also so pleased with having met such a fine person.

  • Best Kept Secrets

    Dr. & Mrs. Amir Friedman Calabasas, CA

    In my opinion, Andy is one of the best kept secrets in Los Angeles. I had the opportunity to first meet Andy almost two years ago at an art show in Calabasas. We were moving homes that weekend and went out to get lunch and decided to stop for a few minutes at the art showing. I immediately fell in love with one of Andy's paintings. I asked if he would be able to create a similar painting with different colors. He said that would be no problem. It is very unusual for me to find paintings that I would hang in my home. I would say that maybe once in a five year period, I will see a piece of art that evokes emotion in me. Andy's art did just that. We scheduled an appointment to meet at my home for Andy to get an idea of my decor & taste as well as discussing the art pieces that I was to commission him to create for me. I ended up having Andy create three beautiful pieces of art for my home. When he delivered those three pieces, I already had an idea for another piece I wanted him to create for me. Cut to... the opening of my new office... I ended up having him create 8 paintings for my office. I had a very talented interior designer for my office, however, it is Andy's art that really makes my office so beautiful. I get compliments every day by patients on the art work and the design of our office space. It doesn't take long to understand why Andy is one of the most promising up and coming artist in Los Angeles. Yes, his paintings are indeed beautiful, but its the positive emotions that I feel when looking at his art work that really moves me. Andy is a very kind, optimistic, grounded yet spiritual, intelligent, and inspirational human being. This all comes out in his artwork. Andy puts a lot of love into his art work and I think that can be felt by the viewers of his work. I was often asked why I would have 12 paintings (between my home and my office) from the same artist. When I like something, I don't do it half way. Each of Andy's pieces are unique but also make a cohesive flow in my home from one space to the next. If you have ever heard about Masaru Emoto's experiments with the energy of words you will understand how Andy's work can energetically change the feeling of a space with or without consciously knowing it. Everyone who enters my home says that it has "good energy" and that they feel very comfortable, at home and nurtured in our house. I think a lot of this has to do with Andy's artwork. I can't say enough about how talented I think Andy is. View a painting of his "live" and you will understand what I can't describe in only words.

  • Breathe of Fresh Air

    Heidi Luerra Founder/Executive Director RAW:natural born artists Los Angeles, CA

    Andy's work is a breathe of fresh air in the art world. Simple yet deep, lines and silhouettes that soothe and calm, colors that pop. Andy's work is meditation for your eyes. (note from Andy Anh Ha - Please visit

  • Brilliant

    Jeff Steck Founder Jeff Steck Management Los Angeles, CA

    In 2008 I was primarily an art dealer and marketer. I was at the Beverly Hills Affair in the Garden looking for new artists. I wasn't finding what I liked and almost didn't walk the last leg of the show. I'm glad that I did. A vibrant display of abstracts caught my attention and I made a straight path to that display. I met Andy and bought the first of what would become my collection of six paintings. His sense of color and composition is brilliant. The high contrast brings energy but the blending rather than the over use of multiple colors brings a sense of calm. It creates a harmonious dychotomy that typically takes fine artists many years to achieve. I also enjoy the sleek varnished finish juxtaposed with the exposed lumber sides he uses as a substrate. I have some pieces hung with the exposed wood and in other rooms where I believed a bit more formality was in order, his paintings are museum mounted in floater frames. I generally do not do testimonials, especially since I represent other artists, but in this case I had to make the exception. (note from Andy Anh Ha - Please visit

  • Freshest Artist

    Joe Putnam VP National Promotion UMG Nashville, TN

    I looked at a lot of local art here in Nashville before I found Andy Anh Ha’s space in the gallery downtown. In my opinion he is out and out the best, and freshest artist out there. I am thrilled with the pieces I have purchased thus far, and look forward to adding more to my collection soon!!

  • Compliments

    Andrew S. President Boxer Property Houston, TX

    I have three different types of Andy’s work in our corporate office and they are the most likely pieces to get compliments. The longer I have had them the more they have grown on me.

  • Focal Point

    Katie Middendorf Advertising Production Manager, Journal Communications Inc. Nashville, TN

    I was fortunate enough to nab one of Andy's favorite pieces from his first line series. This 4 x 4 piece is the focal point of my living room and is always a conversation starter when I have guests over. The best part is he always tries to buy it back from me whenever he sees it. No dice...

  • Sense of Calm

    Ben Savage Los Angeles, CA

    I currently have 4 original Andy Anh Ha pieces hanging in my home and I could not be happier with them. I find Andy's work to not only be cool, hip, and eye-catching, but I feel a sense of calm every time I stop and take a look at each one.

  • Love your Work

    Sunny and Barbara T. Portland, OR and Houston, TX

    Barbara and I really love your work; we think you are the best asian comtemporary artist in the US. Thank you for being so flexible, the three custom works you did for us perfectly fits the spaces they were intended for. Everyone who comes into our houses always notices your pieces first and say wow...

  • Artist to Watch

    Donna Landau Beverly Hills, CA

    I love Andy’s talent and already have four paintings. He is an artist to watch.............

  • Consummate 21st Century Artist

    Philippe Maret Sales Director Roche Bobois La Jolla, CA

    ''Andy Anh Ha is the consummate 21st century artist. A multi-talented "artworker " able to create, communicate and accommodate. But what is more exciting is his innate ability to render his patrons "happy", so relevant quality for an art gallery owner or a high end showroom like ours. Knowing precisely what is required, he can unleash his talent and enhance most homes without having to compromise his artistic integrity. Andy is without a doubt one of the most skilled, reliable, and efficient artists I personally have ever had the good fortune to work with. A gentle human being too.

  • Unique and Modern

    Vic and Janet Yerby Malibu, CA

    We have a Mammoth Mt. condo done in contemporary furnishings. We wanted something unique and modern that would bring in the warm colors of the mountain environment. We met Andy who designed an awsome piece that brought color and warmth to our mt. get away. Andy's easy to work with and his prices are very fair.

  • Creativity and Beauty

    Carl Crawford CEO Crawford and Company Real Estate Services Miami Beach, FL

    My understanding of art derives from one’s constant changing self-expression. Sometimes that expression is dark, other times it is light. What I feel when we look at Ha’s work is simply love, peace, creativity & beauty. Ha’s work is the center piece of my office. It is the first thing you see when you walk in. I truly believe that it blesses my office and sets a positive vibe. It also confirms that when Ha was painting it for me, he was happy to do so. I get nothing but high complements & offers for my original Ha. I can’t wait to get another for my home...

  • Treasured Addition to our Home

    Leanna Siedlecki Owner/Founder of Laguna Beach, CA

    My husband and I first met Andy at "The Affaire in the Gardens" art show in Beverly Hills. We have a Fine Art website called, and we were scouting for new artists to add to our site. We loved his work so much that we decided to purchase a piece on the spot! It is an amazing piece in red, white, and black with an Asian feel that brightens the room where it hangs. It will always be a treasured addition to our home. Not only were we able to add a beautiful piece of art to our home, we were able to add Andy to our list of talented artists.

  • Breathes Life in my Place

    Matt Mann Lead Vocalist/Guitarist Matt Mann and the Shine Runners West Hollywood, CA

    I have 15 pieces of Andy's work and if I wasn't limited with wall space, I would own many more! Everyone that comes into my place always asks who the artist is the created these amazing pieces. His work really breathes life into my place and I can't wait to see what new stuff he creates in the future. (note from AAH, please visit

  • Lower East Side of NY

    Rory Douglas Finance Services Citibank New York, NY

    I purchased my first Lotus Series from Andy Ahn Ha about 5 years ago. I could see the detail and skill in his craft, but had no idea how much of a great investment I had made. His vision and style continues grow and adapt in every scene and setting in my Lower East Side habitat. I have a small collection of pieces from artists around the world. But Andy Ahn Ha's Lotus Series, has always been my collection's Center Piece.

  • Andy Never Ceases to Amaze

    Paul B. 3D Post Production / DJ Toluca Lake, CA

    Andy never ceases to amaze me with his new series'!