click corresponding image to view images of paintings from each series.

arrangement series : a juxtaposition of colors that tell a story.  every color has it’s own life, and it depends on where these are placed.  a color can mean something entirely on it’s own, yet when paired, will exude a complicated but beautiful scenario.  this series holds some of Andy’s most technically ambitious work.  shades of subtle color are paired next to one another in ways not seen in his other series.  backgrounds can range from distressed whites, to unfinished sheet metal.  but the orchid is the focal point throughout.  the floral stem is grandoise, luxurious, and multidimensional.  there’s movement, there’s budding life, and there’s the open exotic expression.

“Colors are like personalities, some match together and some don’t.  i like to find those that do.”  AAH




brush series : being resourceful is difficult but has positive results.  it’s not always simple to reuse materials that are all around us, especially those that have been used for different reasons.  but with some creativity and a touch of fun, fine art can come about.  through simplicity and design, i’ve created a series that has lasting trends.  as in the arrangement series, these multi-colored sets of actual used brushes from every series of works, comes about color fields arranged through found objects.  sometimes they are gradient, and others completely random.  the outcome is a piece anyone and everyone can enjoy and appreciate.

“It’s a way to be resourceful.  this is me being creative.”  AAH




design series : perhaps the most iconic series coming from Andy Anh Ha is the design series.  it represents the endless fascination of the lotus flower.  each painting features the traditional symbol of eastern culture with minimal color gradations, allowing the shape and pure pigment speak for itself.  the lotus is outlined by hand creating new expressions of the familiar flower profile.  backgrounds have been a stark to textured white acrylic board; however, andy has been recently begun including the floral design atop chinese newsprint and on industrial sheet metal.

“It’s a symbol of peace, of purity, of boldness.  It expresses both Eastern and Western cultures together.”  AAH




diptych series : words can have multiple meanings.  in this series, the diptychs, these words always refer to livelihood.  blossoming through the layers of bright, bold, colors made with multiple layers of mediums applied with any and every means.  floral designs of lotus and chrysanthemums appear floating next to a word of choice.  deep depths of thought can be lost within the intricate natural designs created with emotion and physical energy.  found objects such as saw dust and plant roots are used to create all different types of texture.  nothing is spared within these series as you may find a world of materials.  it represents a sense of growth and life.

“Enjoy what is around you, not what you have to search for.”  AAH





line series : composition created with layers of multiple mediums are the key components to the line series.  colors and layers show energy, life, and emotion.  these works are inspired through travels across the world.  they are sometimes reminiscent to abstract landscapes of mountain ranges to the expressionistic feel of a city’s street.  imagery can be found throughout, it’s all up to you to find that image and tell your own story through the preface of what has been laid.  depth emerges from the playful experiments of texture.  no boundaries of creativity is what the line series is all about.  every piece is entirely different and depends solely on the final decision on when to stop.  viewers often desire a closer look, but then pull away in order to visually absorb the work.  pieces often stretch beyond one canvas into a diptych or triptych.

“Images can be found everywhere and in everything, just take a look.”  AAH



memoir series : these are Anh’s stories.  this series articulates moments of time and place.  they are incredibly complex visual works, which involve upwards of dozens of materials collaged and fused onto wood.  he wanders into pop culture with images of celebrity and commercialism.  the bold text across each piece references “fair” as a definition of beauty, while metaphorically being muted by textures and gloss.

“There’s nothing better than meeting and seeing someone and something different.”  AAH