Macy’s Pasadena, CA South Lake Women’s Department

Larry Traxler – Head of Design Hilton Hotels

Doug Ellin – Creator of “Entourage”

Jessica Alba – “Fantastic Four”

Amr Abdullah Al Dabbagh – Governor of SAGIA

Kari Whitman – K.Whitman Interiors

Andrew Segal – President Boxer Property (Owner of 350 paintings)

Karen McLean – Curator

Jill Taverman

Lily Collins – Blind Side

Dan Abrams – MSNBC

Jamie Murray – “Dexter”

Ben Savage – “Boy Meets World”

Nate Parker – “The Great Debators”

Darren Brooks – “Days of our Lives”

Chad Crawford – Musician

Tim Gallagher – owner of 12 paintings

Matt Mann – owner of 14 painitngs

Carrie and Amir Friedman – owner of 12 paintings

Frank and Joanne – owners of Din Tai Fung

Charlie and Philomena McAndrews – owner of 15 paintings

John Brenkus – Host of Espn’s Sports Science

Dene Oliver – CEO of OliverMcMillan

Dain and Marleta Sundstrom – owner of 40 paintings

“Kingston” – owner of 30 paintings

Mark Levine – Co Founder of Dollar Shave Club

Henry Ford – Sr. Vice President Fox Sports San Diego

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